Rye Yacht Club®
Milton Harbor
Rye, New York

Rye Yacht Club® exists to enhance the skills and enjoyment of sailors, powerboaters and oarsmen.

Rye Yacht Club® is open to new members and members of other local yacht clubs where reciprocal privileges are offered.
RYC is a social organization whose mission is to share the love of boating.  Membership is free.

200+ members and growing!

Our message board serves to assist local sailors, powerboaters and oarsman:

*  find boating information
*  find the best fishing spots or a fishing buddy
*  organize a sailing regatta
*  find suitable crew for day trips or longer
*  plan trips with other members to:  a nice beach, restaurant, day trip, weekend away or vacation
*  find a kayaking or rowing buddy, or coxswain
*  find local boat contractors - all listings are free
*  (non-boat owners who want to crew may also register)

Mamaroneck Boats & Motors

dockage & repairs




Castaways Yacht Club (in New Rochelle)

new & used boat sales




Also visit NYCboatShow.com

Sample MESSAGE BOARD available to registered members:

Name                  Contact Info              Boat (sail/power)           LOA           Day Sailing:  Days/Times/Duration            Trips Planned          Crew Preferences


Captain M.          capt@aol.com         sail                                    28              Friday afternoons, Sunday mornings        none                          1-2 adults


Captain K           K@gmail.com          power (grady)                 22              Wednesdays 4 hrs fishing                           NYC - July                 adults & kids    



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Rye Yacht Club®
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Rye, NY



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